Michael Cohen Says Trump Implied Obama Was A ‘Shithole’ — News One

The president’s former personal attorney and so-called “handler” was expected to testify Wednesday before Congress to in part confirm what most of America already thinks of Donald Trump: that he is racist. Michael Cohen, who once stood loyally by Trump’s side for decades — until he didn’t — was set to sit down before the…

via Michael Cohen Says Trump Implied Obama Was A ‘Shithole’ — News One

Michael Cohen’s opinion/name calling is just that.  It is NOTHING.   Like saying Trump said:  Obama was a “Shithole”.   So what!   Trump’s opinion of Obama, nothing wrong with that.

2 thoughts on “Michael Cohen Says Trump Implied Obama Was A ‘Shithole’ — News One”

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    True story – I asked my former nephew by marriage, who was a lawyer, if when he was studying to be a lawyer if their was such a course that taught you “how to manipulate the truth?” The answer was , ‘YES.”

    Therefore, Michael Cohen has been using this manipulation of the truth during his Mueller tree hanging and is now trying to save his neck by taking this manipulation to a new level which is called “LYING.” The best part about it is – the people he is cajoling with in this den of thieves are the “worst of the worst liars. Don’t you know they are all laughing up their sleeves when he enters and when the cajoling is over they will all have tried again to continue misleading the public by this “hanging” of the Prez.


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