Legislative hypocrites on border wall

Listening to these legislators who state they are against Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the U.S./Mexican border is at a massively high level of hypocrisy and stupidity.   The Democrats and a few Republicans don’t believe the flow of illegals, drugs  human trafficking, and criminal gangs and disease are a threat to our nation.  These fruitcakes believe Trump is abusing the constitution declaring such an emergency to use funds to build the border wall.   They totally disregard that Obama declared a number of national emergencies, to get his way, and none of these people who are barking at Trump never so much as sneezed.

Lets not forget many of these elected jackassery officials once voted for funds supporting building a border wall in the past.   Now that Trump is president, they’ve had a change of heart. Possibilities are: 1) They either voted for it in the past “just for looks” when they were truly against it, because they knew it wouldn’t get built (they knew the then president would not pursue it); which is deceit (they lied).  2) They really do favor building the wall,  just not under Trump, they know “Trump would get it done” and they don’t want THIS president to be successful at anything (more deceit).  3)  They don’t want the wall, so illegals can enter our nation vote fraudulently (or they’ll pass legislation allowing illegals to vote; since they, the Democrats don’t understand the definition of “ILLEGAL”.

All scenarios are deceit/lying period.  That is your Democratic (Liberal/Socialist) Party today.  Yes today, its been bad for a long time, it’s just gotten so much worse.

12 thoughts on “Legislative hypocrites on border wall”

  1. Greetings A. L. Luttrell! MANY THANKS FOR NOTICING MY POST. I cannot be more honest about my personal experience of living here… I very much want to encourage you to make my STATEMENT VISIBLE TO PUBLIC if this is possible. VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR THOUGHTFUL PUBLICATIONS INSPIRING ALL SOBERLY THINKING PEOPLE IN FIGHTING HUMAN MADNESS. Stay very well and safe
    P.S. (my post has a couple of typos – please kindly advise me how I can fix them) well, in any case, these are only human-made grammar typos 🙂


      1. Simone, I have made a blog post with your statement as a quote from you. I also include a map showing states with the most illegal alien populations. Texas and Nevada being the highest. I also included a statement of my own introducing your statement. I just posted moments ago, it may already be posted for reading. Thanks for everything and please always feel free to share with me your comments and news/events.


  2. Recently, I have been wanting to write a blog post on the morphing concerns of Democrats. Until recently, these DemocratsRallied their support for gun control legislation by saying it was “for the children”Wailed when illegal alien women were separated from their children (never mind that this happened in previous administrations also)Called for increased foreign aid “for the children” of the worldNow, DemocratsHave passed third-trimester abortion laws in New York, Rhode Island, and VermontCame close to passing a third-trimester abortion law in VirginiaWill not support a federal “born alive” lawWhat happened?

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      1. Best luck with these irritating tech-issues, we all go through this, sometimes waisting hours and days… Hopefully, your site will be soon visible around the globe 🙂 I’ll do my best to share your posts on Google Twitter and FB


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    The Democrat socialists have become the party of the killing fields. Just think – they want to kill people by bringing in drugs, kill future people with abortion and ripping babies out of the womb, and kill people on the streets like in Chicago where they have taken the rights of gun owners away.

    Time to disband the Democrat socialists and put them on the “terror watch” list.



  4. I LIVE HERE!!! My neighbors and friends who have their properties in Nevada ABSOLUTELY have no time for “discussions” or “arguments” over BUILDING our crucially important WALL FOR PROTECTING us, the US CITIZENS: WE LIVE HERE!!! Even if you live in Las Vegas, which is not immediately next to the Southern border you better protect yourself and your private property from roving illegals… I do not know anyone among my many friends who have not been violated/harmed by the illegals: horrific car accidents, robberies, home property violations, but the illegals have been “punished” by the State by “sending” them “back home”… . My two personal friends have been literally crashed in car accidents and now they are invalids for life!!! By the way, they are professional highly trained structural engineers… Unlike most of our people here, I do not want to buy a gun for protection, and I moved into the GATED community paying much more than I can afford to be protected by 24hr roving armed guards. Those Dem-agogic very SICK Morons “argue” and “explain” that the Protective Wall we desperately need on our Southern Border is “economically” incentive !! They, mad “economists”, wish Not to compare some numbers: for instance: the wall construction is about 16 billion, must be compared to more than $16 billion in U.S. taxpayer money Wasted not-once but Annually (!!!!) on truly hellish, useless and psychotically motivated Animal Testing. 16 billions of our tax money is wasted on these hellish experiments on animals in Governmental Labs!!!!!! DEAR USA CITIZENS, we must take these DEM CRIMINALS to public courts. They must take RESPONSIBILITY for their crimes and misleading “info”, and sent to jail for violations and manipulations regarding our very Constitutional Rights! Some of these DEM-agogs deserve to be kept in mental institutions for life, before they destroy our country.

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    1. You should make this statement you made to me public. I would like to copy and post on my blog this statement. I will not do so without your permission, and would like to acknowledge it came from you as Simone or however you’d rather be acknowledged. I think this is an important message people should hear. Thank you.


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