AOC Standing Firm

The Lone Cactus

Usually when a politician of any experience makes a blunder, they quickly race to try and minimize the damage. Either a “walkback”, maybe even a full-blown apology is in order. However they do it, they know they’ve screwed up and they know they need to make things right with the voters.

However, this isn’t a normal politician, and these aren’t normal times. Folks in the Bronx in New York City made a terrible mistake electing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a former bartender and Boston University economics major who couldn’t find a job in econ to replace a long-time, and actually pretty effective legislator in Joe Crowley. And she’s taking a very not-normal approach to her latest gaffe.

When she came down against Amazon for basically treating it’s workers badly and making too much money on the backs of hard working proletariat, she sparked a massive outcry from New Yorkers. The reason was…

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