Good, but only partial list of those who have yet to be raided by FBI: GUNS DRAWN


HILLARY (that would be Hillary R. Clinton)                                                                                      Obama (Yes former illegally elected, Kenya born, president)                                                      Comey (FBI former director)                                                                                                              McCabe   (FBI connect)                                                                                                                        Lynch (DOJ)                                                                                                                                            Strzok (FBI)                                                                                                                                              Page (FBI & Strzok’s lover), hey raid Strzok & you might get two for one here (bedroom)  Rice (Obama’s cover up liar)                                                                                                                Brennan (Just like Hillary, opens his mouth and BS spills out)                                                    Ohr (Is this guy trying to save his own neck suddenly?)                                                            Clapper (The name says it all)                                                                                                            Holder (DOJ, what justice, liar in charge wants to be your next President)

No, no FBI dirties here!  These people are great examples of Socialists tools, personnel, whatever you want to call them.  Basically it is a horrendous failed system, a system of chaos and destruction.   Unfortunately and sadly they are winning.  The American people need to re-engage.   Oh, and they count on election fraud to assure corrupt politicians remain in power.  This is why the likes of Pelosi, Schumer and now Cortez are so vital to their Deep State cause.  Welcome all illegals, we’ll get you to vote for Dems, no citizenship or ID required, you’re a new member of the Democratic Party.    Only requirement, vote Democrat!  If you do, we’ll get you a job picking crops, landscaping, a nice home (not even our homeless Vets get this perk), healthcare (for you and your disease infested family).   ALL FREE, will sort of, our wonderful natural American citizens will continue to pay for you illegals!   No problem, Nancy and Chuck promise!  Have no fear of Trump, we are desperately tying to get rid of him.   (Count on it, this by your favorite Socialist Democratic agenda).





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Roger Stone was S.W.A.T. arrested by FBI for supposedly lying to Congress.

Why hasn’t Hillary’s mansion doors been kicked in by the FBI for the same and multiply more offenses?   Double standard in D.C.!     Actually, there is a long list of folks in D.C. whose homes should be raided; if I get started on that, I’d surely forget a few.  Hillary is just top of the list (include all her associates).

Comey?  Yep!   Just had to toss him in.    The list of those lying to Congress is endless.  The list of lying Congressional members is endless.  Congress lies to Americans everyday.  That should be a criminal offense.   Senators and representatives take an oath of office.  That is a pledge to Americans.  A lie breaks that pledge………. LOCK THEM ALL UP.   Lets start with the witch above.

KOMMONSENTSJANE – Barack Obama: Stealth Muslim? By: Stately McDaniel Manor — kommonsentsjane

Originally posted on Stately McDaniel Manor: In “Our Muslim/Christian President,” I explained Barack Obama’s background: There is no question that Mr. Obama was born to a Muslim father. It is not only a matter of record, but Mr. Obama has admitted it in writing and in multiple interviews and speeches. In addition, despite progressives–and some Muslims–crying…

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Yep, a girl bike!


Former Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that if he could speak to President Donald Trump directly, he would tell him to “resign.”


Is that a girl’s bicycle? An oldie but still in vogue.

There’s a joke that liberalism is a mental disorder. Except that the joke is true, certainly in the case of the so-called Democrat John Kerry.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. John Kerry proves that stupidity is alive and well.

Oh, I forgot, Kerry’s daughter married an Iranian – so now Kerry has to speak for that side of the fence. And, Kerry was involved with Obama to personally deliver to the Iranians that heavy cash load for the “Paris climate deal” which President Trump kindly withdrew. Was that cash gift to his daughter for becoming one of them?

That is probably why Kerry…

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The congressional elect’s like Adam Schiff have no clue about what their responsibilities are; investigate, investigate, INVESTIGATE!

All Adam Schiff has ever done, is show up and vote along party lines………. essentially play “follow the leader”.

Schiff does like the camera, but will still repeat and repeat what his brothers and sisters from the Left say and use language predetermined like “MANUFACTURED”!

If Schiff were actually in a position where he could do some good, he’d still be a little slivering, belly crawling snake!  Picture Adam as an EMT, he’d be an ambulance chasing (“please let me drive”) every little accident, every little fender bender.  Hell, he’d be right there for little Nancy every time she fell over on her tricycle.

And, finally getting to it, lying to Congress?!?  He wants to continue to investigate the Trump Tower proposal in Moscow because he is praying Cohen lied to Congress.   Schiff is obsessed with getting Trump out of office.   That folks, is the only thing Schiff has occupied his time with on The Hill since Trump took office.  Possibly because Schiff’s fellow Leftist Democrats know he is incapable of anything else (and he is not capable of achieving this either).  So, Adam is first up every time there is a false or unproven story where more mud can be slung at the President.  On that subject of lying, especially lying to Congress, lets see, Hillary rings a loud bell!  Every time Hillary opens her mouth a lie comes out, and she most certainly has lied to Congress.   Where was Adam?  Oh yeah, kept his mouth shut to protect his presidential hopeful.  The “I don’t recall” response, is in itself a freaking lie.  At least take the 5th, but saying “I don’t recall” is a lie.  Nobody cares that Hillary and Comey lied to Congress.  But, little Adam Schiff will continue screaming about Cohen lying (at the direction of Trump) and chase that narrative like a dog chasing its tail; at tax payer expense.  Schiff will disregard anything from Mueller’s tag team unless it finally can support impeachment proceedings.  Schiff is looking for Santa to fall down the chimney with his every wish.

Schiff’s pants haven’t dried ever since he heard that false story about Trump directing Cohen to lie to Congress.  It made watching Adam get off the bus so much more fun to watch though.


John Kerry does not and never has had anything to say of any significance, nothing relevant.  In fact, John Kerry is irrelevant.  The once upon a time presidential candidate lost because he had nothing of substance to offer.

Kerry’s comment to Trump, was “resign”.  Wow, that’s all you’ve got?  Kerry would love to see Trump resign, he (Trump) did something Kerry could not do as a lifetime poly!  Win the presidency!   That has been the single greatest embarrassing achievement of another to lifers like John Kerry and HILLARY.   That and he is deeply concerned that Trump will continue to expose the Deep State, along with accomplish things the lifer’s (The Hillary’s and Kerry’s) could not do.

A lot of gibberish, basically what I am saying, “John, nobody cares what you think!”  By the way John, millennials don’t even know who you are!

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