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Roger Stone was S.W.A.T. arrested by FBI for supposedly lying to Congress.

Why hasn’t Hillary’s mansion doors been kicked in by the FBI for the same and multiply more offenses?   Double standard in D.C.!     Actually, there is a long list of folks in D.C. whose homes should be raided; if I get started on that, I’d surely forget a few.  Hillary is just top of the list (include all her associates).

Comey?  Yep!   Just had to toss him in.    The list of those lying to Congress is endless.  The list of lying Congressional members is endless.  Congress lies to Americans everyday.  That should be a criminal offense.   Senators and representatives take an oath of office.  That is a pledge to Americans.  A lie breaks that pledge………. LOCK THEM ALL UP.   Lets start with the witch above.

4 thoughts on “HILLARY’S “I’M ABOVE THE LAW” photo”

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    Mueller keeps tripping over the sale of Hillary Clinton Uranium One Deal during his investigations. When will this Mueller chicken cross the road to Clinton’s house and “bang down the door” with 29 FBI geeks while she is asleep? Now that would be something to report about.



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