John Kerry does not and never has had anything to say of any significance, nothing relevant.  In fact, John Kerry is irrelevant.  The once upon a time presidential candidate lost because he had nothing of substance to offer.

Kerry’s comment to Trump, was “resign”.  Wow, that’s all you’ve got?  Kerry would love to see Trump resign, he (Trump) did something Kerry could not do as a lifetime poly!  Win the presidency!   That has been the single greatest embarrassing achievement of another to lifers like John Kerry and HILLARY.   That and he is deeply concerned that Trump will continue to expose the Deep State, along with accomplish things the lifer’s (The Hillary’s and Kerry’s) could not do.

A lot of gibberish, basically what I am saying, “John, nobody cares what you think!”  By the way John, millennials don’t even know who you are!

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