Image result for a photo of Adam schiff, nancy pelosi and Maxine Waters together

They are so excited, they could almost wet themselves.  Nancy had to show her newly gained power by throwing a victory conference/speech after her party, of which she  believes she is top dog, won back the House.  Her fellow House Dems will have to vote her in as Speaker, but she assumes that is automatic.  I FOR ONE HOPE SHE IS RIGHT!

These three California nut balls, will give me plenty to write about.  Their priority from their agenda is to impeach Donald Trump.   Nancy has avoided saying so, during the midterm campaign in fear of losing voters.  Now that the election is over, you’ll hear her follow the impeachment hounds and fall into the nut bowl.   There is definitely something wrong with the water in California.

Pelosi mentioned they now have our government back to Checks and Balances and can keep Trump in line.  Dear Nancy, that applies to all, you are held in check as well.  Try to explain that to Maxine and Adam, if you even understand it yourself.  Your House is not the only house, there is the Senate (Republican control) and the WH (Trump = VETO).  Go ahead, waste tax payer money, investigate, investigate, investigate.  Just be careful what you ask for, you have some dirty little partners this can all backfire on!  Some of your Senate buddies (Dianne) may get bit too!

Good luck!



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    Now that the election is over and we can get back to the people’s business. Let’s see if the Democrats House gets the same “curb” service they gave to the Republican House. As we all know the socialists sat on the pot for two years with no help for anything purposed and shot blanks for every vote. If they plan to be a “do nothing Congress” and just do nothing but be in the lawyer business = then President Trump can do what the rat Obama did – just write an Executive Order over and over to get things done.

    Or who knows – they may wise up – but I doubt it – because they don’t have the mentality capacity for something called “cooperation.”


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  2. I feel that these are patients from mental institutions who belong to mental institutions, but they have taken our house where we live… because they have all the support from the huge crowds who conveniently live on billions of our tax money, generously distributed by these mad Dems. These mental patients use a “freedom of speech” as all nuts do. Please Call the Police, Emergency, please call every day. Thank You!

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  3. Frankly…I for one thought it was a GREAT night. Dem’s have given Trump something to run on in 2020 by winning the House. Nelson is gone if Florida…Beto loses in Texas…Gillum also a loser in Florida… you guys got rid of McCaskill, and it looks like we replaced one moderate (Flake) with another one (McSally). At least it wasn’t the socialist, Sinema. Overall, yeah…a pretty damn good night!


    1. I agree! FYI, McCaskill only won in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jackson (Kansas City) and Clay (near K.C.), Boone (Columbia) counties here. She won big there (Clay County was close). If you saw the rest of the state, it was totally RED! Hawley didn’t just win in rural Missouri, he kicked her butt! There wasn’t a single rural county that was even close. He also beat her in Springfield and Joplin; our southern conservative cities. If it weren’t for St. Louis and Kansas City, this would have been an embarrassment for McCaskill, if wasn’t anyway. Oh and St. Charles County, where you have family, went Hawley, big time.

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