Its amazing, I just received my first Social Security payment credited to my banking account.   Aug. 31, 2018 was my last day of full time employment, I have officially retired.   I began the process of applying nearly 4 months ahead of time, then monitored the process through the My Account with SS.   It got kind of close to my last day of work before I received notice from SS when my first payment was scheduled.   If a rep. from SS doesn’t call you, it usually means they have no questions or need more information.  But knowing the inefficiency of our government agencies, I kept a close eye on this, and to my surprise it all went off without a hitch.  It really does work, the way it is supposed to.  However, thank heavens I have a pension in addition to SS.

I am not boasting about this, just wanted those that will be retiring soon to know, the SS system does work (if you apply correctly, but you can always give them a call to find out).


  1. Yes, the SS system works, Thank Heavens. But some gov-n employees though make the gravest mistakes once in a while – you have to watch them. My older relative has recently received the letter from the SS office accusing him of hiding his additional property valued by the moron SS employee for 250k ! In reality, it was the PO BOX mailbox that the office “hardworking” moron “discovered”, mistaking it for a “house”. My relative rents this PO Box for his official mail… it is in size of this “property” is less than 1SF and not even his own!! He never received any apology from the SS office!! and it took him 10 months to keep writing them and calling them… and finally get through!!!! He almost had a heart attack!! But the system itself WORKS:)

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