Some Background On Christine Ford

The Lone Cactus

I was online the other day, and someone on Facebook of all places, wrote a comment that made my jaw drop. Her comment was that she had read that Christine Blasey Ford, the woman that is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of allegedly raping her, apparently was rather easy in her early days. The lady said that the article outlined that Ford went to a high school where partying was really the major, and that between college and high school she slept with 64 guys.

I found that hard to believe.

But I went in to do some research. Turns out that no one (not even Christine Ford) remembers how many guys she slept with…but apparently there were several instances). And her yearbook from her high school, Holton-Arms, a female prep school, was scrubbed from the internet on 9/17/18. Hmmm…that’s curious. Well, you know the old saying…once on the…

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