NobodyMove! | This Day in Crime History: March 25, 1990


“[…] an argument turned into a mass murder at the Happy Land Social Club in the Bronx, NY.”

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5 thoughts on “NobodyMove! | This Day in Crime History: March 25, 1990”

  1. Parole hearing in 2016. I am assuming he didn’t get released.
    See, in my humble opinion this man who caused the deaths of over 80 people should NEVER be freed back into society.
    Stating that might sound harsh but we do have consequences for our actions. I will also add here that while I said what I did I also believe we are to love and forgive one another and pray for one another. I hope the man has turned from his wickedness and found Jesus Christ and put his trust in Him and has a relationship with our Creator and our salvation! If he hasn’t we should pray that he does. So, while I do not believe he should ever be free in our society, if he has freedom in Christ Jesus he is free indeed. God can and will use him behind bars.

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      1. Ohhhhhhh, didn’t see that. Yes, it would be interesting to know.
        I am greatly saddened by the recent discovery of the fact that there are so many who are so deceived and don’t believe. Had another son tell me about 2 weeks ago how and some reasons he no longer believes. He is 35.
        Clearly, we have tons of churches who preach and are clearly false. Many people who are in those churches must not be reading the word for themselves or they would know and run from the false teaching.
        I am wondering if it has finally become easier to say you are an atheist now than it was in the past. So while it seems atheists are on the increase it might simply be that people are becoming increasingly comfortable saying what they truly believe because being an atheist is more acceptable than being a Christian is. I am feeling more and more as though I am a total minority!
        People continue on about the school shootings and how this must be stopped. They will never understand that the evil that has been unleashed is only going to grow. God is our safety and without Him we are but prey. They don’t want God, well, they are getting what they want and sadly they don’t even realize it.
        God bless you and your family brother!


      2. You and yours as well. Non believers find it easier to be just that non-believers. Christians will never find the going easy, we won’t, Christ didn’t, and that is why he died and rose for us. Non-believers have nothing to believe in, no hope, no issues with guilt, no such thing as sin, everything is acceptable, even hate. I accept and believe in the word of the Lord, Jesus. Have a great day!


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