It’s all part of the circle, the corruption circle of Washington D.C. and within the FBI.  They, the circle of corruption needed to keep those outside the circle out of the White House in fear of being exposed.   Their stupidity has been exposing them anyway.

Politics in Washington has included this inner-circle club, of which Democrats and Republicans belonged.   They difference publicly, but privately, behind closed doors they join hands, make deals for themselves and personal gain.   Screw the American public, just keep them in the dark.

Its become the norm in politics……..Obama and Hillary were to expand on it, move them to the elitist goal.   Hillary failed the Left, screwed up the agenda and let a political outsider ruin everything.   They are still relentlessly trying to remove him.   “We, the power elites of Washington can’t have this dangerous billionaire with a middle class mentality destroy everything we built for ourselves.”   If they can’t destroy him, wreck everything around him.   America is witness.  Corrupt continue to be exposed, it’s going to be along process, the list is long.  We have work to do, much can be done, at home, middle class candidates!



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