I don’t mean dreams of being wide awake and dreaming of winning the lottery or citizenship if I were a DACA illegal immigrant.   I mean dreams while you sleep.

I need to learn to interpret these better than I do.   I seriously believe there are messages in some of these dreams from the Lord.   Some of these dreams though are absolutely crazy, if not hilarious and maybe still from the Lord.  Is He telling me not to take things so serious?   I don’t believe all dreams are messages from the Lord.   Some just from a cluttered mind trying to rest.   Throw a little humor in.  Maybe some dreams are sleeping videos from loved ones no longer with us.

I dream a lot, and have had these goofy dreams for three consecutive nights.  This is nothing new for me………but would really like to know what they mean if anything.

I know 99.9% of you could care less about what I post in my morning thoughts, but this is my mornings first thought.

Have a great day and sweet dreams!

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