Subpoena: a writ commanding a person (which can include for presentation of documents and/or emails) designated in it to appear in court (or before Congress) under a PENALTY FOR FAILURE.

I am not a lawyer, however, I am pretty sure if I delayed or failed to comply to a subpoena, I’d only be making matters worse for myself and probably be in more trouble.   That doesn’t appear to be the case for government agencies.

Delaying the turn over of documents or emails to Congress under subpoena?   One with any common sense would think if you aren’t complying 1) you have something to hide or 2) you need some extra time to FIX (tamper) and redact evidence; which would be a crime in its self.  Really this points to GUILT!

If I receive a summons to appear in court……..I can choose not to show.   I can also have a warrant placed for my arrest for failure to comply to the court order.

DOJ/FBI (and who knows who else)  from Obama’s admin.  might as well be saying “the dog peed on the docs”.


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