By John Miller Tuesday the 5th of December, 2017 Recently charged with lying to the FBI: General Mike Flynn, a 33-year veteran of the US Army and former Director of Intelligence at Central Command. NOBODY in their right mind actually believes Flynn was turned by the Russians, but after wiretapping candidate Trump the FBI managed […]

via Wake up Jeff: Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin both lied to FBI, Hill-shill agent Strzok covered it up — The Free Peach



  1. I do read you, and I stay out of the politics since I have a blog called ” Crazy Life”….
    I’ll just make a quick statement, nobody is perfect, even those who are in power, obviously.
    But this man, has had a great career in that type of job that you and me don’t even know what it entails, the same goes for the democrats, wich I know you are a left leaning person, no problem I could care less.
    But don’t judge a man for a failure of one time when he has had a great carreer as a soldier and in the intelligence community.

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    1. Wow, did I ever come across wrong. I am obviously not expressing myself very well. I am far from the left. I support Michael Flynn, it was those going after him I was criticizing. The fact that Hillary and Cheryl Mills and Abedin get away with their lies and someone like Flynn with all the service to this country gets nailed for one. Lying to an agency with nothing but liars. Sometimes I reblog other peoples work, even when I don’t agree with their position, but I usually try to make my point. Thanks for your comments, if you misunderstood what I meant, others probably are.


      1. Sorry, by bad. I actually didn’t read all the article, just the title really, I try to catch up with all of you but is impossible, I’m sorry for making an uninformed comment.


      1. So we got two now, I’m Spanish by the way but lived in the U.S half of my life. And now that I was thinking (from time to time I do it),
        I did follow you because I do agree with your point of view. I did screw up this time, I was in a rush and tried to do the best I could to keep up with everybody.
        I could go on and on about the two people you said but this would turn into a dissertation paper.
        Again, my bad for making a comment when I just read the title and didn’ty bother to read the whole thing, I don’t like it, I think you wouldnt like it. So next time, with more time on my hands, I will write a “real” comment.


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