Strzok & Page Screw Up Mueller’s Investigation Literally


COMMON SENSE: When you can no longer trust the FBI to be fair and impartial, which we cannot, it produces a crack in the foundation of our democracy. Investigations must be fair and impartial, but some are not. What is happening with Mueller’s Special Investigation is evidence of this.
One of his chief investigators, Peter Strzok, had to be reassigned because of his bias against Trump and support of Hillary. But that’s not all. Strzok was also one of the FBI agents who interviewed Hillary just before Comey exonerated her. They didn’t even make Hillary testify under oath. The reason they didn’t is so that she couldn’t be charged with lying to a federal agent—like Flynn did. He was under oath.
But there’s still more. While working for Mueller, Strzok was screwing one of the lawyers for the Special Investigation. That’s right, Strzok was having an affair with…

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