To truly drain the swamp, you must trickle down replacement policy, not only from the top but down into all the government agencies.   Obama leftovers/holdovers need to be replaced as soon as possible.   You can’t do it all at once and it takes time; however, it needs to move quicker than it is.   Trump, Mr. President sir,  finish the job of flipping all that has Obama’s mark, all his appointments, all  those committed to Obama’s agenda.   The Border Patrol loves Trump policy, but it isn’t happening quick enough.   They want to do their jobs……..completely.   ICE, is in the same boat, love the policy……..but move out those holding them back; Obama’s people.    ICE wants to do their job, but don’t want to have to take off bullet proof vests because it offends a neighborhood (That’s the OBAMA BS they dealt with in the past; still are because of Obama holdovers, still supervising).   As they say, getting shot is also offensive.

Dear President Trump, pick up the pace……….PLEASE!

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