It must have been killing Hillary to pose for this picture, with Obama and Biden out front.  However, many of these players are part of the Clinton Crime Cartel.

It just occurred to me; Trump has often been criticized by the left for not having many minorities (African Americans in particular) in his administration.    How many do you see in this picture?  I guess he couldn’t have enough Muslims.

Has Joe Biden lost his voice?   Is “Little Joe” trying to distance himself from the Democrats, DNC, Obama and Hillary; with all that is coming out?    Not the coming out party Joe wanted?

8 thoughts on “OBAMA AND THE GANG”

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    A blast from the past and to not let you forget what party and who was a part of Obama’s group who all committed treason against the U.S. We cannot allow Obama to get by with this “just because he is a black man.” This was planned for many years.


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  2. To answer your question, no…Little Smilin’ Joe hasn’t lost his voice. But he’s at least smart enough not to call attention to himself in the middle of a crapstorm. And believe me…this is a HUGE crapstorm for the Obama administration! As if Donald Trump wasn’t working overtime to undo Obama’s presidency, Hillary’s actions have been an H-Bomb smack dab in the middle of it. That’s what you get when you let Democrats run things. But no…Biden is “bidin'” his time (pun intended). I’m sure he’ll be back when all of these folks get indicted (as long as he’s not one of them!).

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