You may think that PRESIDENT Donald Trump is/has been part of the establishment.  He certainly has hung with the elitist crowd most of his life.  But, the establishment has always sought out the wealthy and vice a versa.  They learn to feed off one another.   In that respect, Trump certainly has benefited/USED people of influence.   However, I truly believe Trump would rather have a cup of coffee or share a slice of pizza with us regular Joe’s than bump elbows with a Nancy Pelosi.

I believe he is committed to MAGA and he is smart enough to know that can’t happen with an establishment D.C. only interested in spreading their own wealth and power.  That is what they are desperately trying to hang on to……..  They made this war on Trump out of their own greed; they have no interest in the American people.  They are not service driven, they are greed driven.   Look at the Clinton’s, they stole from the American people; abused their power, under their pretentious guise of service to our nation.  They socially rapped the American people, just as Bill did with his history with women.   They should be in PRISON!   The Obama’s ……….they are an endless corrupt story as bad as the Clinton Crime Cartel.   Hillary, Lynch and Obama under protectionist James Comey gang rapped America.

It’s all being exposed under the Trump presidency.   The media and D.C. elitists will continue to bash Trump everyday…….  The CIA are trying to keep Trump from releasing the JFK assassination documents (scheduled for Oct. 26th).   Documents and information that should NEVER have been under lock-up and hidden from the American people in the first place.  The only reason for a lock up is to keep the truth from the American people of the criminal, treasonous behavior of those in high places (the D.C. Establishment) and government officials.  The establishments greatest fear IS We the People.   Trump has too close a relationship with We the People, the real people.   That is the D.C.’s greatest fear………so that are at war with all of us.   What have they done for you lately?



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    Bush II proved he was backing the Democrats when the whole family turned on the American people and voted for Hillary Clinton. The Republican elitists have to be voted out of office. They are a part of the One World Order and wealth distribution. They give us all of this high-and-mighty talk about our country while they rape the country with the other side of their mouths. When the Bush Mother told America that Bill Clinton – the rapist – was her son in another life – that told me all I wanted to hear. Their elevator went to the floor of the basement


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    1. Its a big circle, its worse than that and I have a phrase for it, but I’d like to think I am a gentleman when having a conversation with a lady. But I think you know where I’m coming from and the direction I am going. We’re usually on the same page.


  2. We run into the same thing here in Arizona. We have what’s called the Arizona Corporation Commission, that’s run basically by Republicans, but they are power hungry and very astute politicians. They also are in bed with the utility companies of whom they regulate. The Governor and the folks in the State House don’t want to replace them because they don’t want Dems to get in…and control it, so they leave them alone. And the people suffer (we recently got a decision against us that costs our town a 300% increase in sewer treatment bills). This is where political party comes before the good of the people. It’s got to stop, and it will… we are going to have a statewide Constitutional Amendment that pulls utilities out of the ACC! It’s not just Washington that’s a swamp!

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