Eating Their Young…

Desert Musings

I always thought this would happen sooner or later. After all, you can’t have a political party that is made up of a bunch of idealists that have one agenda without having them eventually turn on each other. It’s like the PETA people getting upset because the environmentalist whacko’s that want to have the wind replace oil are killing off millions of birds with those giant windmills.

Or the labor unions that are losing thousands of jobs on a site because they happened to find a spotted tuft-titted mill mouse in an area where their latest building project, or road, or some other project is slated to be built on. And now, the left is turning their attention to eat their young…the internet moguls.

Facebook is the latest company that is feeling the wrath of the left. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg has upset a ton of people because he sold ads…

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