The Greatest Game Ever … Caddied?

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So here I am, sitting on the couch, watching The Greatest Game Ever played (one of my favorite Disney sport classics), when it dawns on me: This movie should not have been about Francis Ouimet (Played by the man himself Shia Laboeuf) but instead, focused on the heroic action of his youthful caddie Eddie Lowery (played by Josh Flitter).


This 10 year old kid skipped school every day so that he could drag this golf bag up and down the course, while simultaneously trying to stop Francis from shitting himself and ruining their chances at greatness. Yes, I understand that Francis was the one playing the game, but come on! You watched how he handled the pressure. He couldn’t cut it. Without Eddie there to calm his nerves (and rip off some fantastic tongue twisting encouragements), Ouimet would have been done golfing on Friday and back to shining golf clubs…

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