arlin report thought of the day: never split the difference

Never Split the Difference is the title of a book I just read by Chris Voss a former FBI Negotiator (hostage situations etc.).    The book is about getting an edge in negotiating, and while he shares a story in each chapter on hostage situations, bank robberies and terrorist kidnappings, Mr. Voss shares negotiation tips for everyday life; such as buying a car.   This is a great read and very informative.

A quote from the book, towards the end……. “When someone seems irrational or crazy, they most likely aren’t.”   Donald Trump immediately comes to my mind; and Trump too is known to be a great negotiator.  Some of you may argue that he is not because you believe him to be irrational and crazy; but most likely he is not!   🙂

If you are looking for a good book to read, I recommend “Never Split the Difference”.  Don’t waste your money on another book authored by Hillary Clinton…… “What Happened”.    We already know what happened.     We don’t need to read pages filled with excuses and finger-pointing from Hillary R. Clinton.    You’ll learn nothing.

“Never Split the Difference” you’ll learn a lot.    No I am not a book salesmen, not yet anyway.


5 thoughts on “arlin report thought of the day: never split the difference”

  1. Of course, if you wanted to relive one of the greatest frauds in history running for the highest office in the land, and having the elitist rug pulled out from her bloated body, while she blames everyone but herself for her misery…it might be a fun read!

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    If you want to support Hillary’s RESISTANCE and the Muslims – you should buy her book. This is just more of her not blaming herself.

    I have known a lot of women in my lifetime – but brutal and evil are about the best two words I would have for Hillary, the communist.

    The best thing American people can do is ignore her.


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