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Wicked Witch of the West wants to sell you her book to buy her excuses for losing to Trump.


It should be more like “Whats happening”, why this book?   Hillary R. Clinton is still feeling public embarrassment for having lost to a first timer (first time candidate) and to the don’t hold back style of Donald Trump.   Trump didn’t play the political correctness game most politicians play for the sake of a vote.

So, Hillary writes another book, that will probably not do any better than her last one, still on the shelves.   “What Happened”; Hillary, we saw what happened.   Your ego still gets the best of you.   I/we don’t have to read your freaking, “creepy” book to learn what happened or hear your pathetic version.  Hillary Clinton is irrelevant.

It doesn’t matter how many coaches or managers you have or how great they are, if the pitcher can’t execute, he gets beat.   It’s the same in politics, if the candidate doesn’t execute, SHE (or HE, as the case may be) LOSES!

Hillary just shared a little excerpt from the book; bashing Trump, knowing readers would have more interest in Trump in order to sell books.    And, as far as that jab where Hillary calls Trump a “creep” who made  her skin crawl?   If that is true, he really did make Hillary’s skin crawl in the debate, then he was successful at doing exactly what he intended.   It was a debate, crawling skin or under her skin………she was irritated by Trump.   He beat her!   Also, if that is all it takes to get under or make Hillary’s skin crawl, we were correct, she had no business being POTUS.

I’m not wasting my money on a book by Hillary Clinton.   I’ve heard enough of her lies and B.S. to last.   Hillary is IRRELEVANT!   I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!



  1. Hey, since she lost the election and has no more power, she has no more influence, so the Clinton Foundation basically is shut down. That means no more money coming in. And SOMEBODY has to pay for those cases of imported wine she drinks every day! So, when you can’t make half a mil in 45 minutes on the lecture tour…write a book! Of course, I’m surprised after her last escapade in writing that there is a publisher willing to take a risk on her. Didn’t her last book end up in a warehouse somewhere in Africa?

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  2. True that. The Clinton machine needs to go away. They’ve had their run. They’ve had their time. Always above the law and a million excuses as to why she lost. I like this post a lot.

    “Also, if that is all it takes to get under or make Hillary’s skin crawl, we were correct, she had no business being POTUS.”

    Best line of the day….(now, if the MSM would only report that….)


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