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Thank God, the weather forecasters are wrong 75% of the time; at least in St. Clair Mo anyway.   We were about 5 miles east of St. Clair MO, at Meramec Lakes Golf Course.  It was warm (93-95 degrees) but we had a nice breeze.   Light cloud cover most of the day to partly cloudy, but very little to no cloud coverage during the eclipse.   Of course all night all we heard from the weather (news) forecasters was it was not going to be ideal conditions for the eclipse; 50 -75% cloud coverage, and a chance of scattered storms.  No storms, and few clouds in the St. Clair area.   PERFECT conditions.  The total solar eclipse from Meramec Lakes was spectacular.   Removed the protective glasses during totality, and wow, what a sensational view………and the sky was such a beautiful blue.  We could not have picked a better spot.

No golf played today.   People from all around the country were there.   Two men from Liverpool, England came for this special event, listened to the band, ate bar-b-que.  Three from Toronto brought their special telescopic video equipment and captured the entire event through totality and out.   Cheers rang out during darkness, then another round of cheers about 2 minutes 40 sec. later when the sun started to show again.

A lady that had accompanied the two gentleman from Toronto said she didn’t want to come, but was in tears during totality.   What a beautiful event that only God could create!   Thank YOU!



  1. It was amazing! First time I have ever seen anything like it! We drove 4 hours to California Missouri to see it! There were people there from Germany, Paris and many other states. It was move than I could imagine. God is amazing and gave us a glimpse of His glory for any who have eyes to see!

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  2. Wow! You guys played it up really big. I had to go to the office for a short time (about 8am our time), and when I got back it was just starting in Oregon. It got a little funky looking outside, but that was about it. No big shadows, no real loss of sunlight, and before you knew it, it was over!

    Glad you got to enjoy it!


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