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IT’S FINALLY HERE!   So far this morning it is only partly cloudy here in St. Charles, Missouri.   Will be leaving this morning for St. Clair, MO, about a 40 mile drive for the solar eclipse viewing.   Will be viewing from Meramec Lakes Golf Course near St. Clair.   Right smack in the middle of the path of the big shadow.   Should be exciting.

Wonder if the fish will be biting, no golf allowed today.   Just a party!


3 thoughts on “SOLAR ECLIPSE AUG. 21, 2017”

    1. OMG…….I was at the golf course near St. Clair, no play today, it was a party with a band and people from all over the country. World actually, 2 from Liverpool England and three from Toronto CA. The weather was perfect. Only partly cloudy, and absolutely no clouds blocking the view. The conditions were perfect. Unbelievable…………I never saw the sky with such a beautiful blue color before when it grew dark. I would say 50% of the cars in the parking lot and the field they parked them in, were from out of state.

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