Is Trump’s Unpredictability A Good Thing?

Desert Musings

Whether you like or detest the current president of the United States, you have to agree on one thing. The guy certainly is unpredictable. Imagine if you are Nicolas Maduro, sitting in Caracas watching CNN International, and all of a sudden, you see Donald Trump on vacation in New Jersey. And then he says something that makes you choke on your Cachitos de Jamon and coffee, when he says that he hasn’t taken “the military option” off the table in your country. Huh? What? Military option? What the hell is he talking about?

Now imagine you’re the fat little smudge of a human in Pyongyang. You’ve watched since you were a toddler as your father and grandfather have threatened the United States over and over again. And every single time they have, the US has “come to the bargaining table” with cash in hand to make the threats go away…

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