The Eagle Warns The Red Dragon…


POTUS direct confrontation is not reserved for domestic political enemies, it also applies to external nations threatening the U.S.  However, notice with each example there is an almost identical pattern: ♦An honest attempt at an open handed diplomacy; ♦a rebuke from the opposition in favor of the status quo; ♦a sincere appeal to reconsider; ♦time for reflection, contemplation and planning; ♦a final request not to engage in combat (today); ♦and then the hammer.

The sequence is always the same.

“foolish past leaders”“We will no longer allow”..

China, the Big Panda, chose the Red Dragon approach and is positioned to feel the big hurt if they don’t take action…

While in Warsaw Poland earlier in July President Trump was asked about possible action against North Korea:

“I have some pretty severe things we’re thinking about. Doesn’t…

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