We’re Not Joking: Sen Schumer Wants The FDA To Crack Down On Raw Cacao

Source: We’re Not Joking: Sen Schumer Wants The FDA To Crack Down On Raw Cacao


5 thoughts on “We’re Not Joking: Sen Schumer Wants The FDA To Crack Down On Raw Cacao”

  1. Schumer is known on the streets of NYC as “Charlie the Eel”. Slippery.
    He yelled at me on the street one day because I had halted traffic, while an armed robbery suspect was being pursued and apprehended. A grocery clerk was shot. RIP (Officially: “Robbery Identification Process”; but it’s actually, ROBBERY IN PROGRESS) teams arrested the suspect and recovered a partially loaded 9mm handgun that the ballistics lab confirmed as the weapon that shot the clerk. But Schumer was concerned about being delayed going from his home in the tony section of Brooklyn Heights, to his Manhattan office. He also fought a federal investigation into the Staten Island Ferry, where a young man, college grad, who worked waiting tables, lost his leg in the accident. His father was a retired sergeant per news reports, and the young man was becoming a NYC police officer before the accident. Schumer’s wife Iris Weinshall, was commissioner of NYC Dept. of Transportation, and in charge of ferry operations, but failed. The skipper, was drunk. Schumer, is a slippery politician. Very dangerous. There is a whole group of them in NYC. All, democrats.

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      1. Schumer, never did, any work. Not one calus. Not one drop of sweat, or a dry mouth gasping to catch his breath.
        I have thought, so many times since the close of the past century, that maybe, I was wrong and should have allowed him to go on his way. Possibly in the maylay that was the arrest of the armed robber, Schumer too could have been shot by the criminal and things today would be much different. I was too upright, and did the right thing, despite his tongue lashing against me. In life, another failure, for me.

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