Looks Like US Was Right, Europe Was Wrong!

Desert Musings

Liberals won’t ever admit this…well MOST liberals won’t. One already has. Bill Gates has basically called on Europe to stem the tide of immigrants to their countries because of terrorism. And the farther we go down this immigration road, the more it looks like Donald Trump and his travel ban have the right idea. You can’t harm a nation if you can’t get to the nation…at least not with C4 and other explosives.

And that leads us to today’s topic. Folks that were crying for “open borders” not too long ago, were all upset at anything that would not allow anybody, terrorist or not, to enter our country. After all, doesn’t the Statue of Liberty say, “Give us your poor, tired, huddled masses”? It does. But it doesn’t say anything about giving us people that want to blow us up just because we don’t worship like you do. And those…

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