I will not mention the new mayor of St. Louis by name, it doesn’t really matter who she or he is.   As far as the new mayor’s new tough on crime policy…………well it isn’t working.  Not many, including myself thought it would.    If anything it is getting worse, by the day!

I went to the café in our bank building downtown St. Louis for lunch just a few moments ago.  It had not reached 12:30 P.M. (July 3, 2017) yet.   The cashier at the café, whom I speak with often, informed me there has been 5 shoots downtown already today.   One just within a couple of blocks from us.    5 !!!     She ask me, “What the hell is wrong with people?  People are crazy!”

I have no reason to doubt this information, usually people working downtown, find out things happening around them pretty quickly; and in a café lots of people coming in and out; many from the streets.

Currently, the City of St. Louis is looking for a new police chief, to replace the one that retired a month or so ago.    They say it will take 6 to 9 months to find a replacement.   Residents of the City or involved, giving their input on what they want in a new chief.    If the appointment of a new chief becomes this selective (as it an important choice); it could take longer than 9 months.    With so much community involvement there will be many ideas/opinions.   I can picture some heated town hall type meetings.   The citizens may even want to interview the candidates as well.    Opening this up may be the diplomatic thing to do……but, as in some of these primary elections, there could be 10-15 candidates.    I am betting this will get nasty before a new chief is sworn in.

Currently, there is an interim chief.    These shootings probably would have happened whether there was a fulltime chief already aboard or not.   I doubt, that too would matter.

I don’t live in the City, I live in St. Charles, MO, but I work downtown STL and take the Metro train in each day.   The Metro stations have their crime issues as well.   They appear to be good thug hangouts.   Anyway, the next few months should be interesting.   Don’t look for things to get better……………I mean what’s the rush.   AND, SUMMERS HERE!




5 thoughts on “ST. LOUIS SHOOTINGS 07/03/2017 AT 5 FOR THE DAY …………..STILL COUNTING?”

    1. I am not surprised, yet they advertise it as a great place to raise a family. NO……it is not! Great place to visit and then get out of town. Great place to watch MLB, NHL, visit the Arch, Fantastic Zoo, Great theatres……………. Just don’t buy a house. Of course near Forest Park, near the hospitals, the homes are beautiful, large………doctors live there, newscastors etc….. Northside, Southside dangerous. Even the famous Central West End has had an increase in crime. Muggings, shootings………. Last year a man was shot in front of his family while they were walking to their car from a Cardinals ball game. He is in a wheelchair today. My daughter & son-in-law rented an apartment right downtown for about a year. I was a nervous wreck the entire time……..always trying to convince her to leave. Finally they did, bought a house in O’Fallon, near St. Charles. Relief!

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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Where do we start..?
    Low IQs.
    Free Stuff generation.
    Potheads do not understand their brain is toasting.
    Liberals need a swift boot-in-the-ass.
    Progressives push the problems aside.
    Police are too political at the top, and brow beaten at the bottom.
    APATHY, on all levels of government.
    Degenerate sub-cultures.
    And the list, goes on, and on, and on and on.

    Arlin, enjoy the 4th.

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      1. OK. Thank you, I will have a house and backyard full of family today, as it is also my wife’s and one of my grandson’s birthdays. Glad to have filled in a few blanks for you.
        Have a Happy & Safe 4th.

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