Sessions Deflates Dems’ Balloon

They are investigating………investigating hope, there is nothing else. They are investigating by groping. Looking for things that just don’t look right. Its costing us, the tax payer. What they are doing, is trying to cause Trump to make a mistake. They aren’t investigating what he has done wrong……only what they hope they can force him into to do wrong. Good luck! He has shown he is smarter than most of the left. But then most of us are!

Desert Musings

I know the Democrats were hoping that when Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this week that they would find some smoking gun somewhere. Either it would be in his involvement with talking to some Russian diplomat, or that the firing of former FBI Director, James Comey would come up and an obstruction of justice charged would flash in their faces…something…ANYTHING to get Donald J. Trump out of the White House.

It didn’t happen.

What did happen basically was a dressing down from the former senator. He basically told the Democrats on the committee that he was appalled at their behavior of accusing him of wrong doing after he has had a stellar career in public service, and was totally unscathed until he took over as AG. He went on to say that basically this crap has to stop. And you know, Jeff…

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