ARLIN REPORT “THOUGHT” OF THE DAY: Muslims don’t snitch on Muslims

Generally speaking, Muslims do not snitch on Muslims.   They won’t tell on their neighbor when seen taking explosive or bomb making material into a garage or to the kitchen.  Most things thought of as suspicious will go unreported.   Not because they’re afraid of repercussions, the reason is deeper than that.

While most Muslims are not terrorists or violent; they do understand there are many that share their religion, even family members, friends and neighbors that are.   Those that have a deep religious extremity of their beliefs (radical) and killing all that are infidels (non-Islamic) is part of their life goals.    Their mission is a world dominated by Islam, nothing but Islam.   If you are not Muslim, you have no right to life.   They will conquer their mission, their goal doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes; no matter how violent, all in the name of Allah!

So, why don’t Muslims snitch on Muslims; even those that don’t agree with the violence?   While they do not agree with the means, “peaceful” Muslims respect radical extremists Muslims (terrorists), for their passion and commitment to the “religion”.   They believe it is their right to be radical, to kill non-Muslims, to achieve the goals of world dominance according to their Koran.

Now you understand why Barack Obama would never say “radical extremists Muslims or terrorists”.   He has respect for their passion and commitment.   He said, to paraphrase “I will always stand on the side of Islam/Muslim world”.


3 thoughts on “ARLIN REPORT “THOUGHT” OF THE DAY: Muslims don’t snitch on Muslims”

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    Similar was the “code of silence” with Sicilian families, until they realized that silence is complicity and, it held back three or four generations from the time of the grand silence or, ” Grande sughero nel culo” (Big cork in the ass/Don’t talk crap).

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