Ready For Hillary, Part Two

When they play the game, and don’t play by Clinton rules, its cheating. If Hillary loses, everyone was cheating. You are right, she was the worse candidate in history; even with massive cheating on her/ and her teams part, she couldn’t win.

Desert Musings

As if one Hillary story a week weren’t far too many, you get two. Hillary, fresh off her commencement speech at Wellesley College a week ago, decided to head to The Code Conference, a tech gathering in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California this past week. There she had yet another meltdown that suggested not all was right with the former presidential candidate mentally speaking.

Hillary went into nauseating detail about how it wasn’t just the Russians that she was upset with. It was WikiLeaks. But it wasn’t just WikiLeaks…it was also James Comey. But it wasn’t just James Comey. It was also misogyny. And it wasn’t just misogyny. There were two other bandits that helped steal HER election from her. There was an American aligned with the Trump campaign, working in cahoots with a family in Britain that was behind the Brexit vote that gave Trump reams and reams of data…

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