New evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Democrats manufactured the Russian interference story as a disinformation campaign as far back as June 2016. Information gathered by internet sleuths proves that the DNC, Clinton campaign and Obama administration conspired to concoct the Russia-Trump story, and provides a brand new motive for why Seth Rich was […]

via Evidence Proves DNC Fabricated Russian Conspiracy In June 2016 — Nwo Report


  1. What helps bring this whole “Russia” thing into clearer focus was Joe Biden’s recent speech that said HE should have been the candidate. The Democrat elite knew back at the Republican Convention that Hillary was going to lose. So they knew they had to come up with some reason not to lose their base (especially with the onslaught of Bernie Sanders’ popularity!). Because of that this story that they colluded to come up with Russian interference almost 18 months before the election makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? They knew she was going to lose, and they had to blame somebody, because as we all know…liberals never take the blame for anything!


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