Obama Administration DID Violate Constitution

Desert Musings

While the snowflakes on Capitol Hill were scurrying around, hoping to find a shred of evidence that the Russians had some influence over the presidential election, and more specifically had an “in” with people in the Trump campaign, it was learned that for the past seven years, the Obama Administration not only broke the law, they shredded the Constitution along the way.

Oh, you probably won’t hear about this on the mainstream media yet. It’s going to take time for the story to get its legs. But I will tell you that the legs that will grow under this will make the Hillary Clinton Home Brew Server Scandal seem like a Saturday In The Park (yes…a reference to the Chicago song).

What apparently happened is that the FISA Court (The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) had jumped all over the Obama Administration back in 2011 for failing to put safeguards in…

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