Joe’s K.C. BAR-B-QUE

Went to Joe’s K.C. BBQ in Leawood, Kansas for the first time this evening.   Wow!  Had the Ribs (3 ribs) and Brisket Dinner with a side of baked beans.   Was wondering if this would be enough.  It was!   Excellent, world-class, famous BBQ and I can see (taste) why.

We pulled up, luckily found a parking spot.  The line was out the front door, and went to the order counter which was on the far side of the building; but it moved quickly.    The entire time we were there that line stayed stretched out the door.   My son, who lives a couple of mile away, said the place is busy like this all-the-time.

If you want great food, go where the lines are long……….and people aren’t complaining about the time.  It was a great time, great food and great company.   After we celebrated my grandson’s first birthday, we all headed to Joe’s K.C. BBQ.

Try Joe’s K.C. BBQ.   Outstanding!

2 thoughts on “Joe’s K.C. BAR-B-QUE”

  1. Great BBQ is tough to find…KC is a great place to start. By the way… if you are ever looking for a wonderfully great Hot Fudge Sundae, in St. Louis try Crown Candy Kitchen! Long lines, iffy neighborhood, excellent food!


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