Trump’s Speech Actually Poignant!

Desert Musings

I’ve never once considered Donald Trump to be of “statesmanlike” quality. Oh, Ronald Reagan, I did. At least he acted the part very well if not lived up to it…but his speeches were so well rehearsed (he’d been doing them for General Electric for two decades) before he ever got to the White House. And there have been others, but none really as of late. You certainly couldn’t call Obama a statesman. I couldn’t call either of the Bush’s that. And I’d call Bill Clinton a predator before I’d call him a statesman.

Jimmy Carter was no statesman. He had one success in the White House (actually Camp David), and that was offset by a myriad of failures. Ford, Nixon, LBJ, no…they weren’t statesmen either. Kennedy tried to be one, but I don’t think he ever accomplished it. Now you’re back to Eisenhower, and he wasn’t. Truman may have been…

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