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Get off the road stupid!


Armadillos have been seen in Missouri, most notably in the 1970s in the southern part of the state having found their way from Texas and Oklahoma.   Over the past 10 years they have roamed further north into central Missouri, south of the Missouri River.   Their population is on the rise.   However, you’ll most likely find this shelled possum like creature with the ringed tail, dead on the highways.

Armadillos follow the interstates, highways and county roads.   They are not the smartest of animals.   The odds of being road kill increases, as the Armadillo jumps when it is startled, into the path or underneath a vehicle.

That said the population continues to rise in Missouri.   Just this past Sunday, on a fifty mile drive to a golf course, we counted 4 armadillos dead on the side of the road.   On a normal road trip, maybe we have seen one in the past……..   As the population is rising, so are the number of “found on road dead”.  It’s not a pretty sight.   It looks like something somewhere between a turtle and a possum…….hit’n-run!

They are interesting animals, and I’d like to see some actually “staying alive”.    Just stay the hell out of my yard.


4 thoughts on “ARMADILLO ROAD KILL”

  1. Hi Becky,
    Yeah, I read they are known as a Leprosy carrier. If you don’t cook the meat enough of the Armadillo, it can infect you with Leprosy. Like I’m going to cook a Dillo! 🙂


  2. I have noticed this on trips back home to Missouri while we see fewer here in Texas. Armadillo are very destructive if they decide to dig grubs in your yard! Stay away from these ugly creatures if possible as they are also known as a Leprosy carrier! ( As road kill they’re also referred to as “Possum on the half shell.”)

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