In, Comey Overload


A few people have asked why, I have been passing on the multitude of articles involving the ex-director of the FBI. I, am in Overload, because since the incident where the ex-director’s employment was terminated by the president, there has been no end to items that dance around the same thing, repeatedly. If I feel something needs to be notated, I will post, and re-post from other sources. A couple of things will be re-posted, where I believe a piece of information may be included in an otherwise mundane repetition.

I am now averaging between 2,900 and 3,000 emails of news items. A lot more is generated when considering the aggregate mess we find the world in. The one thing that I am expecting but will not hold my breath over, is whether the president will authorize Constitutional Carry. With the president’s big mouth and hot air, when he gave…

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