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The email, private server use of Hillary Clinton… further description or details needed, we’ve all heard about it, time after time for a long time.   The no indictment decision of James Comey, because no prosecutor would pursue it, is nothing but an in your face cover-up.

No recommendation was given to then AG Lynch.   Did Comey act alone in this debacle?   Possibly, possibly not.  Comey may have known Lynch would drop it, one way or another. He may have been pre-advised.  Comey could have placed it in the lap of Lynch, but he didn’t. Does anyone really believe a corrupt, lying Lynch would prosecute a corrupt, lying Hillary.  NO!  They’re teammates, they can always use one another.  Comey was a team player, took care of a dirty DOJ, and filthy former Secretary of State.   That’s how the elite Establishment in D.C. survives, how they work.

Everyone knows Hillary Clinton put national security at high risk, certainly much higher than should have been; and up to now still escapes accountability like all her other past scandals and crimes.   I don’t even have the energy to discuss the uranium deal to Russia.  The Hillary/Russia connection everyone wants to just ignore.   No, lets talk about, throw false facts, false accusations…….lets make it real by making it up with constant repetition and demand an investigation and if that doesn’t work a special prosecutor for a make-believe scandal.   Lets talk about impeachment before he even takes the oath of office!   Oh and how dare he fire an establishment teammate……what gave him the right to do that?   Another impeachable offense!

I just can’t get by this Hillary/Russia uranium deal, but yet a no-evidence but it had to happen because we said it happened collusion between Trump (or at least Trump campaign) and Russia is now something much bigger; and firing a FBI Director that didn’t do his job is impeachable.   When Comey briefly brought back the Hillary emails, he was enemy number one of the democrats and liberals.   Fire the bastard!   When Trump did, he is now the bum………Impeach the bastard!

Here is a fact!  Trump had the right to fire the FBI Director, and didn’t need a reason.  The Director was a Obama left over.   Lets not forget, it doesn’t matter what Trump does, right, wrong or indifferent, the Democrats, liberals, snowflakes, illegal immigrants and left out refugees are going to oppose it!  Did I leave anyone out…….sorry, reply and let me know who you are.   Oh yeah, sanctuary cities!

No Trump is not without faults, he isn’t a politician (that is what I love about him being Prez).   Timing?   He is correct…… would never be the right time to fire Comey; despite he was a dead man walking in D.C.   Trump will be criticized, and a lets impeach him president during his entire term(s).

Its amazing, evidence of or a glimpse of proof of a crime is what initiates investigations.   You don’t investigate a murder unless there is a dead body, or at least one missing.   Nothing there………no investigation; where would you begin, how do you fake that?   I guess its possible.  Today, fake news, fake facts, made up stories and just intentional substance-less rumors sparks an investigation….especially in D.C. if you are not a team player.   The best thing for Trump, bring on the special prosecutor, investigate, investigate, investigate……..exonerate him.   Of course, they’ll find another, make something else up; it should be interesting to watch, where do the anti-Trump dogs go piss next?





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