Was Trump Right In Firing Comey?

Nixonian! Clinton like?…….oh wait Comey kept Hillary from being indicted, so they’re buds……oh but he cost her the election, but he isn’t missing or found with a bullet in the back of the head and gun in hand. Maybe he’s still useful?

Desert Musings

In case you missed it, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director, James Comey yesterday in a move that basically was surprising to most, and shocking to a lot. Comey was fired after several controversial acts, including a couple of Hillary Clinton investigations that she says (though no one else does) cost her the presidency last November. Comey also had been looking into Russian tampering in the election, and ties in the Trump administration. The administration felt that those issues boxed out Comey from being able to do a credible job.

Trust and political decisions have been at the heart of the decision. The administration apparently didn’t feel that Comey had been a credible head of the nation’s police force. Comey came under fire for taking a very public lead after former president Bill Clinton had met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a tarmac in Phoenix. While both Clinton and…

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