National Anthem in St. Louis, AWESOME! Blues vs. Predators……………

I don’t know who took this photo, I wish I did, at Scottrade, in St. Louis

Two Army Rangers, one a Sgt., the other a Staff Sgt. ( I am sorry I don’t have their names), were introduced and honored before the Blues/Predators playoff game tonight.   Then the singing of the Anthem was dedicated to the flood victims in the St. Louis area and throughout Missouri.   Charles Glenn who often sings the anthem before Blues games, sang the beginning phrase, then stepped aside from the microphone and sang along with the fans.   Over 19,000, a full house, sang the National Anthem together, louder and sweeter than I have ever heard any crowd at any sporting event sing it, EVER.  I heard it on the radio as I was pulling into my garage, to go watch the game on TV.  I never, ever heard it clearer or louder, or with more pride.

I have never been prouder of St. Louis fans EVER.   Even the radio announcers…….after the last note………..said AWESOME; OVER 19,000 SING THE ANTHEM LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD IT.  You have never heard a football crowd of 70,000 sing it that loud and clear, ever.    I am being honest here………it had me in near tears.

Go Blues!


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