One reason UN should be defunded and booted from U.S above, if in fact the above is true; but they are an expensive organization, an ineffective global wannabe governing body.   Humanitarian body………?   U.S. better off giving humanitarian assistance on its own.   Military body…….again, its been U.S. military assistance for the most part.   If we need assistance, we can ask for it from our allies.  We would find out who our true allies are.   U.N. often fights everything US anyway………stop wasting our money on this worthless organization.

One positive here about the ineffectiveness of the U.N.:   Are they really capable of pulling off what the link above mentions, confiscating our American citizen’s guns, and taking over governing the U.S.   Those tanks and vehicles you see in and around our country, often stock piled, can have those Ns changed to S……US, and controlled not by our government, but by We the People.


2 thoughts on “THE N IN UN CAN BE CHANGED TO S”

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