Petition · Sign: Justice for Dog with Ears Cut Off for Selfies ·

These two low lifes should have a pair of items between their legs cut off. And no don’t say I’d be bringing myself down to their level. They knew what they were doing to a defenseless animal. Cowardly low lifes. I’d know what I was doing as well.


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8 thoughts on “Petition · Sign: Justice for Dog with Ears Cut Off for Selfies ·”

  1. The turkish government is pathetic for allowing these two monsters out on bail, clearly they do not value the lives of all beings. These two barbarians need to be caught and brutally tortured by animal lovers since there’s no hope for government. I pray that this little angel is okay and received the neccesary medical treatment and finds a loving home.

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  2. God help us! Please come Lord Jesus. …soon we will have devoured ourselves. I just want to cry every night. It is growing more wicked every day. If someone will do that to a dog then where will they draw the line? My guess is that they won’t.

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