Senator Sessions, even if tied to a campaign, any campaign, his duties and responsibilities as a Senator do not end; he was on the Armed Forces Committee.   How many Democrat AND Republican officials (elected) during the presidential campaign openly supported one candidate over another?   How many Democrats spoke in favor of Hillary Clinton?   In both Houses the answer would be many!   That is in fact the same as being involved in their campaign.   Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi……..Al Franken, John McCain; all engaged in the campaign ………..who have they been talking with?   Are they really going to open that door……?   Why hasn’t selling Uranium to the RUSSIANS fired-up the Democrats ……. because Hillary, their darling Hillary was involved?   Not to mention where the DOUGH went….Bill & Hill.

I, to be honest, can see Senator Sessions speaking with (meeting with) the Russian Ambassador…….attempting a better relationship.  I can also picture Obama telling Putin, “I’ll have more flexibility if re-elected (during a 2nd term); we have more Uranium?”  I know only part of that is (probably) true….or maybe?

The Democrat’s slogan these days seems to be on the line of something like:  “Ethics, morals and following the Constitution only apply to Republicans, we Dems only hold them accountable, we are above them, we are above ALL!



Democrats, those elected officials are not interested in serving We the People.   They’re mission in Congress is to relentlessly destroy the Trump administration.   The election didn’t go as they planned, Trump defeated the political misfits even after the Clinton/political fix was in.  What now……….forget about the American people, destroy Trump despite the electorate.   Following Trump’s speech Tuesday evening, they could not run from the House fast enough……. these political cry babies.  They didn’t want to be there……now We the People must remove THEM.  Trump is right, the SWAMP MUST BE DRAINED.

” A spokesperson for the Justice Department Sarah Isgur Flores jumped to Sessions defense saying there was absolutely nothing misleading about the answers given by Sessions in the confirmation hearing, “He was asked during the hearing about communications between Russia and the Trump campaign — not about meetings he took as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee.”



Correct”ists” :   I haven’t really seen that form of the word used but maybe once.   However, it seems to fit.   The Democrats showed their political correctness last evening, booing Trumps VOICE agency or Victims of “illegal” Immigration Crime Engagement.   Boo said the Democrats as they sat on their pathetic hands last evening during Trump’s first address of the State of the Union to the jointless Congress.

The Democrats true to form are finding a twist…….lets not offend illegal immigrants by labeling them as criminals, that we should not create a list of victims of crime perpetrated by illegals; okay just call them criminals then (whats wrong with identifying where they are coming from).  We are talking about people that break the law to enter this country, is it so wrong to identify those that continue criminal behavior.   Domestic and foreign sex offenders must register as “sex offenders”.   All victims of crime should be assisted, no matter where they are from, I would agree to that.   But……..a secure border helps do what it is intended ……secures!