Lizzie Warren ….

Warren wants to raise minimum wage which would close businesses, eliminate jobs…………so who’s getting paid?  Many less employed, few gain increases…..higher prices across the board.   How to destroy a nation!

Elizabeth Warren, no common sense!

3 thoughts on “Lizzie Warren ….”

  1. Idiots in AZ raised the minimum wage from $8.05 to $10.00 an hour as of January 1st. It caused a $1.1 million shortfall in the company I sit on the board of directors for. That resulted in HUGE increases to our members, which they obviously hated. The sad news is, the voters approved it going to $12 in 2020, which means we have ANOTHER $2/hour increase coming up over the next three years…and ANOTHER HUGE increase to our members. What is interesting is that the businesses that raise their prices the most are the businesses who employ the most minimum wage people, and are patronized most by….wait for it…minimum wage people! How smart is that?


    1. They really don’t see what it does. Prices will always rise above wages; but the wages is one of the largest influences on pricing, next to material costs. There is no balance….. an out of balance cycle. And your members need that extra income …….I’m sure. They can’t let the minimum wage earners catch up!!

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