There was a time, just twenty years ago…when people would not have thought to do such things, and people would not have allowed them to occur in front of them

via Liberals Perform mock Abortion on ‘Virgin Mary,’ Try To Kill JESUS in Front of Church…(they also Simulate Anal sex with Crucifixes)… — Trigger Reset

Wild animals have more respect for life than these inhumane humans.


3 thoughts on “DISGUSTING WORLD TODAY……”

  1. I clicked on the link and as I was reading what was visible I saw a message saying something about the link….blah blah blah. After reading what the description of what these things were doing I am thankful I couldn’t open. Sick, perverted and sad. The Lord must surely come soon because I cannot hardly imagine what sort of place this would be in another 10 years.
    God bless you and your family dear brother

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