Exposing The Clinton/Obama System To Discredit Donald Trump

Very interesting theory and visibly accurate.

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Authored by Thierry Meyssan via VoltaireNet.org,

This article is a warning – in November 2016, a vast system of agitation and propaganda was set up in order to destroy the reputation and the authority of President Donald Trump as soon as he arrived in the White House. It is the first time that such a campaign has been scientifically organised against a President of the United States, and with such resources. Yes, we are indeed entering a post-Truth age, but the distribution of rôles is not what you may think it is.

The campaign waged against the new President of the United States by the sponsors of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the destruction of the Greater Middle East is on-going. After the Womens? March on 22 January, a March for Science is scheduled to be held not only in the USA, but also throughout the Western world on 22…

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5 thoughts on “Exposing The Clinton/Obama System To Discredit Donald Trump”

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  2. I think they should put all of those people on trial for treason. If people that had not voted for Obama had acted the way these assholes are acting, there would have been hell to pay. What is wrong with the idiots in this country, other than the fact that all the dumbing down they attempted for so many years, apparently worked quite well!

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