An interesting take on the Jeff Sessions flap


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In support of diversity of voice and opinion, I hereby present a theory offered by an anonymous person online.

Here is the nutshell of the theory:

In conclusion, the play here is not Sessions per say, it has been to get a Democrat controlled special prosecutor named to obstruct and slow down the Trump administration. Its been planned out by the Democrats since at least Jan 12th.

Here is the full theory: The hidden politics behind the Jeff Sessions smear. This was set up by Obama in January.

I find the author’s explanation of events credible and well-worth considering, if only to gain a better sense of how complex behind-the-scenes moves can be.

The left is using basic Saul Alinksy techniques to hobble, and destroy if they can, the presidency of Donald Trump.

Their basic tactic is attack, attack, attack and lie, lie, lie. Not only are the attacks…

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