Democrat Claire McCaskill Caught Lying About Meeting With Russian Ambassador

Claire?!!! Yep its Claire.

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Democrats have two major problems; compulsive lying, and they suck at technology. The DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign being hacked by 5 to 7 foreign intelligence agencies whereas the RNC and Trump’s data was secure is a great example, though perhaps the best combination of lying and technological ineptitude was the episode in which Hillary Clinton’s incompetent IT guy crept onto Reddit during the Benghazi investigation to ask how he could strip Hillary’s email address from (legally) archived records.

The latest example of lying while sucking at technology comes to us from Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), who tried her best to pile on the Russophobic Jeff Sessions witch hunt by emphatically tweeting about how she’s never had a call or meeting with the Russians. Unfortunately for Claire, she forgot about the two times she not only did that, but tweeted about it! 

Witness this epic fail:

Really Claire?

Too bad Claire didn’t think to use Twitter’s advanced search like Redditors did about 5 minutes after her tweet. Considering…

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