Originally posted on Ace News Services: #AceNewsReport – Jan.27: Child jihadists are found in the Palestinian Territories, the Islamic State, al Qaeda and Boko Haram, but when one is discovered in Europe, it highlights the contrast between Western norms of child raising versus the culture of death found among those espousing the #Salafi mindset. This…

via AUSTRIA: Rising tide of ‘ Child #Jihadists ‘ as ‘ Innocent Children ‘ are not easily suspected of being ‘ Suicide Bombers ‘ are being infiltrated into #Refugee Camps and Europe as is shown by this latest victim of a twelve year-old-boy being radicalised by an Austrian cleric – @AceNewsServices — Brittius


One thought on “CHILD JIHADISTS”

  1. You cannot fight an enemy that you do not recognize as the enemy. So the sooner that we realize there is no such thing as a radicalized muslime/islime the better off we are going to be. Muslime/islime by definition are all terrorist. It is only a matter of degree as in some want to take over by invading, populating and taking over by shear force and some want to take over by all out-‘n-out war doing as much killing, maiming and beheadings as possible. The Quran is their playbook and it controls everything they do and the Quran was written specifically to support as much blood, guts and gore ans possible.


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